Worldwide 5G subscribers reached 690 million in Q2 according to Ericsson

Ericsson, the number of global 5G subscriptions increased by 70 million in the second quarter of 2022, bringing the total to 690 million. The number of 4G subscriptions, which now total about 5 billion and account for 60% of all subscriptions, rose by 77 million.

By the end of 2022, 5G subscriptions worldwide are predicted to hit 1 billion, with North America and China markets driving this growth. In contrast, 4G subscribers are expected to reach a peak of 5 billion this year.

According to the update, 24 companies have introduced 5G standalone (SA) networks and 218 companies have begun commercial 5G services.

On the opposing side, the total number of mobile subscribers has increased to 8.3 billion, with China, India, and Indonesia leading the way with a positive gain of 52 million memberships within the quarter.

According to the report, China had 10 million gross gains during the quarter, followed by India (7 million) and Indonesia (4 million).

The study showed a 106% global subscriber uptake for mobile. Mobile subscriber uptake was lowest in India, Nepal, and Bhutan at 78%, while it was highest in Central and Eastern Europe (including Russia) at 140%.

The telecom equipment manufacturer expects volume to increase over time, spurred by both a rise in the number of smartphone subscribers and a boost in the average data capacity per subscription, driven solely by growth in video content consumption.