Vi might profit from India’s unprepared 5G phone ecosystem

The third-largest telecom provider in India, Vodafone Idea (Vi), has not introduced 5G services alongside Airtel and Jio. Although the telco has already shown partners and vendors the strength of its 5G networks through a number of use cases, it now lacks the funding to roll out 5G. 

The telco will prepare for the 5G launch by procuring 5G network equipment from the vendors once Vi has resolved its financial troubles. While the delayed 5G deployment may cause the telecom to lose some customers along the way to Jio and Airtel, it can still gain from the fact that the Indian smartphone ecosystem is not yet 5G ready.

Even while the OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) can deliver OTA (over-the-air) updates in a matter of weeks, that doesn’t always indicate that everyone in India will have access to and desire 5G. Although 5G sounds amazing, India will take a while before it becomes a standard technology.

Vi doesn’t need to worry too much and can just concentrate on implementing 5G as quickly as possible because there are now just two operators providing 5G services in a very small portion of the nation. Vi is already in discussions for funding with many institutions. The telco would then proceed and strike deals with the vendors for the 5G equipment after that was completed.

Before 5G becomes as widespread as 4G in India’s consumer market, years will pass. Experts, market research, and 5G use cases all indicate that businesses will have a greater need for 5G services. Once more, Vi can succeed in this field of business. Given the comprehensive portfolio of services that Vi Business, the B2B division of Vodafone Idea, offers to the clients, the telecom already has a large number of enterprise partners and will likely add many more in the future.

Jio and Airtel’s 5G rollout won’t have much of an impact because the country’s 5G phone ecosystem isn’t ready, regardless of how quickly they push it out. Customers will likely upgrade to 5G phones on their own and are not likely to buy 5G phones only for the purpose of using 5G.

That being stated, Vi must find a solution to its financial problems as quickly as feasible. If not, the telco will have more problems. By providing users with better 4G services, Vi can also make a difference.