Up-leveling professionals through data

Considering the importance of leveraging data, professional networking sites are harvesting data to help up-level or up-skill billions of people worldwide, professionally. This is done through platforms that permit people to learn, connect and discover jobs that they aspire for and deserve. Such data harvesting is helpful in the case of the gig workforce too, also termed contract workers or freelancers.

Unlike professional functions, where individuals change jobs every couple of years, gig users do so more often, especially given how the gig economy has evolved during the past few. In such situations, job seekers need professional platforms that leverage data to discover the best openings that can support them in their journey as freelancers or gig workers.

Data is at the core of how these professional platforms accelerate the opportunity-discovering flywheel and help people up-level or upgrade their lives. Data-driven experiences on and off the platform, a data-informed culture for product and business decision-making alongside a data-led policy influence are some of the ways to create an impact today.

The problem is more complex in the rising force of the developing world. Digital exposure is minimum. Many candidates can’t read or speak English while some are still learning to use smartphones. People don’t have the typical resumes seen in job markets.

Nevertheless, such challenges provide unique opportunities for professional networking platforms. One needs to think beyond the issues that have been addressed to date. With AI, there is no doubt these barriers will be broken sooner rather than later.