To bring public warning systems, Utimaco will collaborate with Indian telcos

Celltick was acquired by Utimaco, a well-known provider of cybersecurity and compliance solutions, on Tuesday. Mass Notification Systems (MNS) and Public Warning Systems are two of Celltick’s well-known products (PWS). The largest CBC (Cell Broadcast Center) supplier in the globe is Celltick. Utimaco will be able to introduce its PWS in India thanks to this acquisition, leveraging its local presence in Mumbai. To accomplish this, Utimaco will attempt to collaborate with Indian telcos and state governments to broadcast alerts and safety messages to users’ mobile phones in real-time summers, receiving messages in real-time is crucial in a variety of circumstances, including natural catastrophes, medical emergencies, armed conflicts, gas leaks, lightning strikes, and more. More than one billion people use telecom in India. According to a press release from Utimaco, an effective application of broadcast PWS systems through phones can greatly enhance disaster management procedures and protect lives during natural and man-made disasters.

In the business, government, and communications sectors, Utimaco has a sizable international network. The company will be able to lead the market with excellent services for customers in the Indian telecom sector and state governments thanks to the purchase of Celltick and access to its technological expertise.

Celltick’s MAGEN (Mass Alert Geo Emergency Notification) service, which is already in use in many nations around the world, is now the world’s top cell broadcasting solution for PWS. Over 70 telecom companies around the world have accepted it, and the Ukrainian government also used it to assist safeguard civilians during the conflict between their country and Russia. The company is currently well along in its relationship with Indian state governments.