Timely allotment of the spectrum and a roadmap is required: GSMA

According to the London-based GSM Association, the Indian government needs to develop a policy intervention that includes a spectrum roadmap with timely and adequate airwave allocation.

Backhaul spectrum allocation, along with timely and adequate spectrum allocation, will meet demand, according to GSMA officials.

The CEO also mentioned that by the end of 2022, there would be 1 billion 5G connections worldwide and that 5G is expected to surpass existing technologies in the consumer market by 2030.

It was also stated that the main barrier to internet access in India is still illiteracy and a lack of skills, saying, there is no doubt that the business has crossed a very difficult journey in the preceding many years.

The official listed several crucial components of a digital nation, including infrastructure, innovation, data governance, people, and security.

A completely new methodology is needed to streamline efforts and create efficiencies in planning and implementing digitisation plans, it was stated, to bring all of those pieces together.