TCS prepared to roll out 5G network on any given date and day

IT major Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)  is ready to roll out 5G network for any telecom operator across the globe on any given day and the company is working in India on a country-specific gear for the network, a senior company official revealed. When asked about the readiness of TCS to roll-out 5G network for telecom customers, Bhadada said,”TCS can stitch it today. TCS is doing it today. TCS is ready. What we are working for in India is India- specific stack”, Bhadada said.

It is to be noted here that BSNL is working with TCS and C-DoT to roll-out an indigenously developed 5G- enabled 4G network. Bhadada said TCS is a system integrator and it builds networks of telecom operators based on their requirements. The government is gearing up to hold 5G auctions before June so that 5G networks can also be launched by August 15. “In my view 5G has at least 3 more years of cycle left before it starts; I mean India is in the very tail end of it. If you really look at it in the western markets everybody is in the middle of it.

By 2023 or 2024 I feel all the 5G rollouts will be complete,” Bhadada exclaimed. He said that it will take another 3-4 years for full exploitation of the 5G network and then the process for 6G networks will start.”

6G is interesting, but I feel 5G will take five years for full potential use. I mean as I said 2-3 years for completing the rollouts and another 3-4 years for exploitation. 6G even in other markets is in my view at least four years away from any kind of commercial rights,” he said.