Plan Removal for Vodafone Idea REDX

The most expensive cellphone plans offered by Vodafone Idea (Vi) are no longer available on the company’s website or mobile app. All of the REDX plans were deleted by the telecom. The REDX plans may continue to be used by users who have recently recharged with them. However, even current REDX plan users can no longer see the same plans to recharge with in the mobile app.

According to a customer service representative from the business, Vi continues to sell the REDX plans in its physical locations. Therefore, customers can visit the Vi physical stores and buy brand-new postpaid SIMs with REDX plans. However, this is still news to be confirmed. 

The REDX plans provided by the corporation were the ones with the most perks of any telco in the nation. It was intended for the company’s most valuable clients. The telecom provider has tacitly dropped the plans from its lineup and has refrained from explaining why.

The REDX plans may return to Vodafone Idea in the future under new branding, or perhaps the business is entirely redesigning all of the plans. Until the corporation makes an official statement regarding the situation, we won’t know the cause, whatever it may be. Consumers received nothing like the REDX deals in the postpaid market. For customers using REDX plans, there was a six-month lock-in term as well.

So, for the time being, it’s unclear how things will proceed for current clients. Vi will need to let its current customers know how they may continue to use the REDX services.