Nokia launches core 5G SaaS to aid telcos globally 

On Wednesday, Nokia, a significant international supplier of telecom equipment from Finland, unveiled its Core Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for 5G. This is Nokia’s tenth SaaS offering. According to a press statement from the business, communication service providers (CSPs) who use Nokia’s new Core SaaS will be able to provide value to their clients and monetize network services more quickly. According to Nokia, the Core SaaS will enable operators all over the world to abandon the traditional practice of delivering customised software that utilises private infrastructure.

Eliminating significant upfront capital costs would be one of the main advantages of using the Core SaaS for telcos and businesses because the service is more of an on-demand subscription, according to the provider. By utilising Nokia’s Core SaaS, any on-site technical support and updates would be eliminated, which would further help to cut costs.

The answer is still a work in progress. In the first half of 2023, the solution is anticipated to be commercially accessible after it completes the test phase and the trials, which are currently scheduled to begin soon. According to Nokia, its Core SaaS is the industry’s first full-featured 5G core solution, offering all essential cloud-native features via a SaaS delivery architecture.

Network on demand, quick time to market, and simple, quick, and economical scalability are just a few of the significant client benefits of Nokia Core SaaS, which transforms how core networks are created, deployed, and operated. This is a reflection of the market leader in technology that Nokia continues to provide.