Jio collaborates with Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, Cisco, and Google for 5G

For its 5G network deployment, Reliance Jio claimed that it is collaborating with the telecom equipment manufacturers Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, and Cisco. Additionally, it collaborates with Microsoft, Intel, Google, and Facebook owner Meta.

Instead of using Samsung as the only technology provider for its 4G network, Jio is pulling in additional telecom suppliers to develop the 5G network.

Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung were also given 5G contracts by Bharti Airtel for its 5G network. The Mittal-led telco had never previously collaborated with Samsung.

According to Mukesh Ambani, Jio and Google are developing a super-affordable 5G smartphone while also collaborating on Google Cloud.

Jio and Google originally introduced the JioPhone Next 4G smartphone in India. Both businesses collaborated on the development of the operating system and the phone.

Jio and Qualcomm also established a partnership to provide 5G solutions for India.

Ambani stated that Jio is collaborating with Intel for cloud-scale data centres and 5G edge locations, as well as Microsoft to grow the Azure ecosystem’s cloud-enabled business applications and solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in India.

Additionally, Jio and Meta are partnering on application cases based on immersive technologies.