India’s network performance will increase with 5G: TRAI

The deployment of 5G technology, according to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), will help India realise its aim of digital empowerment and enhance public welfare.

The country will experience unprecedented growth thanks to the enormous network performance increases that 5G technology would provide. It is also expected to alter industry and society. The broader economy and numerous businesses would be significantly impacted by 5G, he stated at a workshop.

It was added that with 117 crore telecom users and 825 million broadband subscribers, India is currently the second-largest telecom market in the world. India has identified technology as a crucial component for social and digital inclusion as well as quick economic growth.  The Digital India programme has significantly increased the usage of technology and has significantly changed the Digital India profile across several industries.

TRAI officials also discussed ways that the various parties might work together to hasten the deployment of the infrastructure needed for 5G, taking into account the problems and difficulties in the northeastern states and that providing internet and digital access to people is the government’s top priority.

Regarding the necessity of implementing new digital technologies for social and economic development, in the modern world, the digitalization of the economy and social life is of the biggest importance.

In order for the average citizen to be able to explore the prospects present in an economy, he stressed the importance of digital literacy and the growth of digital infrastructure and connectivity to every household.