India’s mobile broadband subscriber base doubled last year in leaps and bounds

As the Indian Government gears up for 5G spectrum auctions in the country, there are 10 million 5G
devices already active in India, according to Nokia’s MBiT report. The country recorded the highest
growth in mobile broadband subscribers over the last five years in 2021, with the total number of users
doubling during this period, as per the report, which analyses mobile broadband traffic on a yearly basis.

India now has 765 million mobile broadband subscribers as compared to 345 million five years ago, and
5G services will generate further $9 billion in revenues by 2021, the report estimated. It noted that 90%
of Indians prefer to consume content in local languages and digital advertising.

By 2030, 5G will contribute to 1% of global GDP or $1.3 trillion in revenue, the report said. The most
important used cases will include the likes of healthcare, utilities, media applications, manufacturing and smart cities.

The mBit report also noted that 4G data traffic has increased by 31% in 2021, with the average user
using 17 GB of 4G mobile data per month. India added about 40 million subscribers in 2021, including
individuals who upgraded to 4G. 4G also contributed nearly 99% of the total data traffic generated in

The increase in numbers is also directly related to the increase in the shipment of 4G devices.
India saw more than 160 million smartphones, and 30 million 5G devices, being added in 2021. Out of
these, active 4G devices were more than 80% while 5G devices were over 10 million, the report stated.