India’s 5G is homegrown, and can provide to other nations

Indian 5G infrastructure has been launched, and the country is prepared to share it with other nations as well, according to Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Thursday. In her conversation with students, Sitharaman stated that the tale (of India’s 5G) is yet to reach the public (SAIS).

She responded to a query and clarified that the 5G that India has released in the country is completely standalone.

She further added that some components might originate from places like South Korea, but not all of them. India possesses such advanced domestic technology that India can now offer 5G (to any country) upon request.

Therefore, India’s 5G is not an import and India has made it on its own the Finance Minister declared. 

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the launch of 5G services in a few Indian cities. By 2024, she predicted, all of India will likely have access to the service.

She insisted that each one of us should be extremely proud of India’s accomplishments in the area of 5G.

She also encouraged the gathering to realize the efforts of the Indian telecom after what India has been through over the past two years and was still able to make it for the launch of 5G.