Indians with 5G phones get 53% better total download speeds than those with 4G phones

Numerous customers already have a 5G smartphone before the 5G network launches in India. Over 9.7% of active cellphones in India also are 5G equipped, based on a survey by Opensignal. This indicates that when telecom service providers introduce 5G services, the market will be only marginally ready. But what’s fascinating is that 4G smartphone users in India who possess 5G phones are already experiencing higher download speeds. This is what the Opensignal report appears to imply. Users of 5G phones are experiencing quicker download speeds than those of 4G, whether looking at average download speeds or overall download speeds.

The survey claims that users of 5G-capable smartphones in India are experiencing download rates that are between 39.2% and 59.3% quicker than those of non-5G users across 30 Indian cities. According to Opensignal, download rates for 5G phone users ranged from 30.9% to 53% quicker than those experienced by 4G phone users overall.

This is an intriguing study because it suggests that owning a 5G smartphone is preferable to one that doesn’t support 5G, including on 4G networks. In the Indian market, more reasonably priced 5G phones will be available. The JioPhone Next, which was designed for 4G consumers, was a cheap 5G smartphone that Reliance Jio is also developing with Google.

If you wish to explore 5G, it’d be good to choose a 5G-enabled smartphone when shopping for a new one. Those in the big cities will get to use 5G sooner than users in other areas of the country. Once 5G network services are released publicly across many regions of India, it will be interesting to observe how many people use them.