In the upcoming years, the telecom sector will undergo more reforms: Vaishnaw

Ashwini Vaishnaw, the minister of communications, said on Thursday that the industry would undergo further changes in the years to come and urged the sector to play its part by substantially raising the standard of service.

According to an official response, Vaishnaw said that quality of service criteria need to be considerably greater and that the telecom unit should approach the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) in this regard. Vaishnaw was speaking at the Annual Flagship Event 2022 of the Digital Infrastructure Providers Association (DIPA), an industry apex body that represents the digital infrastructure providers industry in India.

In order to dramatically increase the quality-of-service parameters by three to four times from what they are currently, he requested that the department send a fresh consultation paper to Trai. Initiatives, according to the minister, cannot be one-sided; they must be mutually reinforcing.

The Minister added that several nations needed numerous years to acquire 40% to 50% coverage and predicted that the 5G journey would be quite interesting. But the government has set a target of 80% penetration in a short period of time, and we should surely achieve a minimum of 80% within an extremely short period of time, he continued.