In 14 circles, Airtel reached the fastest download speeds

Recently, the TRAI made available the crowdsourced MySpeed October 2022 Data, which included 7,63,010 (download, upload) speed test results. These data samples are comprised of speed test results that were recorded from users in India who used the TRAI MySpeed Test on 3G and 4G networks. Airtel reached the greatest download speeds in 14 of the 22 Telecom circles, which implies that Airtel Network was able to deliver a peak download speed on the live network, as evidenced by a user’s TRAI MySpeed speed test results. Now let’s examine the network’s maximum speed about the impacted spectrum holdings.

Except for North East and West Bengal, all 12 of the circles’ peak delivery speeds were greater than or comparable to 100 Mbps. In Delhi, where Airtel has 86 MHz of the spectrum, the network’s peak download and upload speeds were 138166 Kbps and 81229 Kbps, respectively. We were unable to determine to which circle this speed test result belongs because the data sample contained a 149313 Kbps result without a circle (LSA) against it. Karnataka obtained the highest speed test result of the known circles at 147587 Kbps, followed by Delhi and Rajasthan.

When it comes to uploading speeds, Delhi, Tamil Nadu circles, achieved the highest upload speed of 81229 Kbps, followed by Chennai, with 69519 Kbps, and Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, with 66665 Kbps.

Among all the circles, Bihar has the greatest amount of spectrum (128.4 MHz), followed by Assam with 114.5 MHz.