Govt attempts to ensure effective spectrum use

According to today’s statement by telecom secretary K. Rajaraman, the government is collaborating with all sectors to ensure effective spectrum use for the convergence of emerging technologies.

At the India Space Congress 2022, he remarked, as technology advance continuously, so, the use of the spectrum also needs to evolve to give avenues to effective and more productive means of deployment of the range.

In order to promote communication over the airways for the provision of internet, voice services, and other communication services, radio frequencies known as a spectrum are assigned to telecom service providers and other sectors.

Given the divergent viewpoints of the satellite operators and telecom sector about the satellite spectrum, the telecom secretary’s comments are significant. While the satellite service providers want administrative spectrum allocation, the telecom companies want the spectrum for satellite communication services to be put up for auction.

One Web, supported by the Bharti Group, Jio Satellite Communications, and other international businesses are actively competing to deliver satellite broadband services in the nation.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has yet to provide suggestions on distributing spectrum, despite the Department of Telecommunications’ case for auctioning off airwaves.

The government also wants to ensure that developing technologies converge through effective spectrum distribution. For instance, smartphones should be able to support both terrestrial networks and satellite communication services.

It was predicted earlier this month that by the middle of next year, satellite-based broadband services will likely be available in India. The government anticipates that the procedure for allocating satellite spectrum will be finished in the following nine to ten months.