Google introduces user-choice billing in selected areas, including India

On Friday, Google said that it is launching the next stage of its user choice billing project and listed India as one of the locations where this feature will be accessible to customers. Australia, Indonesia, Japan, and the European Economic areas are among the additional markets. While this is happening, the Competition Commission of India is still looking into the business that charges charge on apps.

The spokesman further continues that with the next round of Google Play’s module containing a billing pilot, any non-gaming apps can provide their consumers in the chosen regions with an extra billing option supplementary to Play’s billing system. As they proceed to develop and refine with their pilot collaborators, they will be sharing more in the coming months.

According to Google Play, it is the first major app store to have user choice billing in beta.

Additionally, it stated that over the previous two years, it had moved away from yet another pricing approach and that as of right now, 99% of developers are eligible for a service cost of 15% or less.

Despite the fact that this approach will require time and tight developer community participation, it stated that it was eager to investigate this further and start offering it to all programmers globally for their consumers in these early markets.