Google India received 137,657 customer complaints 

In accordance with the updated IT Rules, 2021, Google obtained a high 137,657 customers’ concerns in India and 6,89,457 instances of offensive content were taken down there in July of this year.

Copyright infringement accounted for the majority of the reports it got from Indian customers (135,341), whereas other types included patents, court orders, explicit sexual content, abrogation, and others.

During the same time frame, Google sites across the country got 37,173 single-user grievances via authorized channels regarding third-party activity that was alleged to breach national laws or personal rights.

On the basis of user reports, Google released 1,11,493 instances of unfavourable information in June.

Experts at Google mentioned that the concerns fall into a number of areas. Some petitions may claim a breach of patent rights, whereas others assert that certain types of information are prohibited by local legislation on the basis of defamation. 

In its monthly conformity report, it stated that besides the concerns from their embers, they spend extensively battling dangerous information online and can employ technology to identify and eliminate it from their services.

The business said that it deleted 551,800 accounts nationwide as a result of its advanced recognition procedures.