For E-band and Multi-band Solutions Selects Ceragon

Ceragon Networks, a global inventor and top provider of 5G wireless transport solutions, has been given a contract by Bharti Airtel, a major telecom provider in India, to purchase e-band and multi-band solutions for the implementation of 5G in the nation. Airtel will benefit from Ceragon’s special IP-50E and multi-band vendor-agnostic technology, which will enable the telecom to increase the capacity of its current network.

In numerous places, Airtel and Ceragon have successfully completed several real-world experiments that have produced outstanding outcomes. The tests’ outcomes influenced Bharti’s early directives.

In eight Indian locations, Airtel has already begun promoting commercial 5G services to customers. By the end of this year, the telco will further extend to additional locations, and by March 2023, it hopes to have its 5G networks in place throughout most of metropolitan India.

Ceragon has been a long-standing partner for Airtel, and Airtel feels thrilled to expand this partnership where Ceragon will now supply them with the e-band and multi-band vendor agnostic radio solutions. With this they can give their consumers a unique 5G experience thanks to Ceragon’s cutting-edge technology and Airtel’s extensive network.

For more than 15 years and a half, Ceragon and Airtel have collaborated to offer the Indian market uncompromising connection stated an official from Ceragon This new stage of the relationship represents a considerable advancement in both size and breadth. The rollout of high-capacity, low-latency 5G in India will create a wealth of business expansion prospects and be essential to the success of Airtel’s Content Delivery Network (CDN).

The IP-50E from Ceragon, which has undergone extensive field testing and boasts a unique multi-band vendor agnostic capabilities, will serve as the cornerstone of Airtel’s ultra-high capacity 5G transport network.