Exotel receives a pan-India VNO licence from the telecom department  

With the pan-India Unified Licence for Virtual Network Operators (UL VNO) that it recently got, Exotel will be able to provide cloud-calling solutions to companies throughout India.

 According to a top executive of the organisation, it also provides contact centre solutions in Bangalore, Delhi, Maharashtra, and Hyderabad in addition to Karnataka.

 Exotel stated that it would do an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in three to four years at a reasonable valuation and that preparations were already being made.

 Exotel received a UL VNO licence for its home state of Karnataka in February of this year, which led to the current development. The official stated that the company will now be able to expand in more circles thanks to the pan-India licence.

 An official continued by saying that the business would later consider expanding into the states of Gujarat and West Bengal. He said that around 70–75% of the companies present in each of these states would be served by Exotel.

 By the end of 2022, Exotel will also implement its full-stack strategy in Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Southeast Asia, and other countries to follow.

 But the business wants to be resilient and sustain financials, thus it has no plans to hire more people than 1,000. The executive said, “We will be increasing at roughly 50 to 60% year on year, and we would like to sustain that growth story. 

Exotel, founded in 2011 by CEO and Co-Founder Shivakumar Ganesan and Sridharan, provides unified communications for more than 7,000 businesses in 70 nations.