DoT Approves the Use of Leased Internet Connections Offered by BSNL/MTNL for Field Units

Previously, the office had access to the internet via a local area network (LAN) connected by a leased line. Depending on the functional requirement, workplaces might obtain a broadband connection with the required speed and limitless download data anywhere ILL was not deployed. Later, only a tiny percentage of broadband connections were upgraded to FTTH connections, while LAN with leased line access remained the standard way of internet connection. Since traditional FTTH/broadband connections lack security features, it was proposed to construct a thoroughly secured LAN in place of them and advocate a firewall/proxy with secured LAN connectivity.

The letter dated October 12 was sent to all secretaries and departments under the Center after negotiations with the finance ministry. According to a letter from the Department of Expenditure that was attached to the document, the Cabinet resolved to mandate the usage of BSNL and MTNL telecom services.

The number of wireline subscribers for BSNL has decreased from 2.9 crores in November 2008 to roughly 80 lakh in July of this year. The number of fixed-line users for MTNL has declined from 35.4 lakh in November 2008 to 30.7 lakh in July of the current year. The government-owned telecom provider BSNL has raised more than Rs 8,500 crore through sovereign guarantee bonds to expand its network and reduce operating costs. MTNL is unable to raise the Rs 6,500 crore through sovereign bonds that were authorised by the Cabinet in October 2019 as part of its rehabilitation strategy.