Constraints in technology and 5G devices prevent Jio and Airtel from increasing their rates

The beginning 5G deployment in the metropolitan areas might not see the not view any fee increase from Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel, per a Financial Express report.

Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel, two telecom providers, are not considering charging higher rates for 5G networks when they first go live in major cities.

The telecom companies cited the limited presence of 5G-enabled devices and technical constraints brought on by the majority of these handsets’ failure to control specific spectrum bands as the main drivers behind this decision.

The telecom providers intend to update some 4G tariff plan consumers to 5G rather than introducing any new 5G packages, claims the report. Since users wouldn’t need to switch SIM cards, it would be simpler to release 5G despite technical difficulties.

Additionally, since the service providers will be aware of which customers have 5G-capable phones, they will speak with them straight about the free upgrade.

The justification for maintaining current costing is thought to be the likelihood that 5G consumers will use more data, which will result in higher average revenue per consumer.

Only about 50 million of the 600 million users of smartphones worldwide at the moment support 5G.

Counterpoint Research projects that in the three-month period from October to December, the selling of 5G-capable smartphones will account for about 35% of all smartphone sales. This will bring the overall user base of 5G phones to about 85 million.