BSNL prioritises providing 4G service to rural India

Soon, 4G network services will be made available by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). All that remains is for BSNL and TCS to formalise their business terms and enter into an agreement (Tata Consultancy Services). When 4G is introduced, BSNL plans to upgrade more than 100,000 sites in the country. But BSNL will target the rural sector in addition to metropolitan India. To deploy its 4G service, BSNL will focus on about 24,680 undeveloped communities across the globe.

To the residents of these settlements, this would mean a tremendous deal. By the end of December 2023, BSNL should be able to reach all 24,680 villages in India, according to a Department of Telecommunications (DoT) statement that surfaced on a PTI report.

In addition, 2,542 additional mobile towers are being installed as part of the LWE-2 plan. The Indian economy would benefit greatly if BSNL could connect all of these villages to the 4G network. The opportunity to participate in the digital revolution like others in urban cities would be presented to those residing in the nation’s underdeveloped regions. However, how quickly BSNL and TCS can make the deal determines everything. For the following nine years, TCS would be responsible for maintaining BSNL’s network.