Airtel will upgrade staff as the 5G era begins

The second-largest telecom provider in India, Bharti Airtel, is spending money on substantial internal programs under the 5G Academy and the IP (internet protocol) Academy projects to upskill its personnel for the 5G deployment and applications.

According to an official, almost 20,000 professionals in the Airtel ecosystem have been schooled on the fundamentals of IP technology in preparation for the 5G deployment.

The academies, which were introduced in early 2021, provide basic and advanced-level skill programs across functions. CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and CCNP certification programs are them (Cisco Certified Network Professional). Depending on skill level and eligibility, the courses are provided gratis. According to the source, this is how they are securing the workforce of the future.

It was claimed that despite the overlap in the kind of workers that telcos and internet firms are competing for, Bharti Airtel will be successful due to its approach to hiring and investment in the upskilling of current employees.

The flexibility of remote working and the necessary support are just two ways the company is aiming to attract more women engineers into its fold, according to the spokesperson.