Airtel intends on brand update with the festive season

The second-largest telco in India, Bharti Airtel, will launch its 5G services in eight locations this holiday season after announcing the launch of those services at the just-concluded India Mobile Congress.

According to executives close to the telecom and its partner agencies, the brand would adopt a staged strategy this time around, beginning with a brand update, as opposed to a 5G service-focused campaign like the one Airtel executed for its 4G services with Sasha Chhetri.

For the project, Airtel collaborated with the Berlin-based design firm Meta Design. As of the time of publication, emails submitted to Airtel and Meta Design regarding the issue were unanswered.

A portion of the brand refresh exercise is already active on the market. For instance, the company introduced new SIM card packaging in August with the slogan “the 5G ready network.” In contrast to its customary brighter red packaging, this was complemented by a deeper shade of red.

After the telco announced the launch of its 5G services in eight cities on October 1, the app earlier this month displayed a revised logo with the tagline, “The 5G network.”

It makes sense for the brand to carry out this activity at this time, according to an expert Airtel will shortly enter the 5G era. It is crucial to polish its image as it does and there is no better time to try this than when a festive zeal grips the country.

The expert further added the 5G player must have a cleaner, more refined appearance and cutting-edge technology. There needs to be a recalibration of communication’s tone, tenor, and decibel level and thinks that’s the effort being made

Later this quarter, the above-the-line (ATL) campaign including a TV ad and print components is anticipated to launch.

The team will be deploying new shop banners, and point-of-purchase materials like standees will gradually be replaced with the new colour scheme and brand messaging.

In this festive quarter, telecoms are expected to spend about Rs 400 crore on media, with Airtel leading the way. Since the firm would want the new design and packaging to become recognisable among customers, a brand refresh effort would require large investments in media properties.