According to the GSMA, Indian telecom titans will invest $19.5 billion in 5G infrastructure by 2025

According to a GSMA report, Indian telecom leaders are predicted to invest approximately $19.5 billion in the creation of cutting-edge infrastructure for 5G by 2025. According to the report, 5G could profit the Indian economic growth by $445 billion between 2023 and 2040, or more than 0.6% of the GDP prediction for 2040. This would represent the substantial percentage of 5G use cases that will be put in place in India’s main sectors.

While the Indian government has allocated two carriers of 250 MHz each in the E-band to meet the current necessity of assisting 5G deployment, it might not be adequate in the 5G era provided the demand for high-capacity backhaul for assisting use cases and increase in traffic.

According to the report, “clear policy guidelines on the allocation of backhaul spectrum are required.” Notably, 5G would be a critical enabler of enterprise digital transformation in India, particularly in manufacturing, energy and utilities, banking, transportation, healthcare, sports, and retail.

According to the report titled ‘India: on the Road to a Digital Nation,’ both the consumer and business sections provide considerable potential for 5G in India. “Reforms are required to support the development of advanced telecom infrastructure as a fundamental driver for a digital society,” it continues.”

There is still a significant digital divide in India, with insufficiency of skills and knowledge staying the biggest obstacle preventing large numbers of individuals from partaking in the digital economy and reaping economic and social advantages.

The GSMA report, also clarifies that given the significance of 5G to India’s digital future, it has emerged as crucial for the current regime and the mobile sector to jointly develop and make sure the mobile industry’s viable development.”