A new telecom bill will bring forth the next round of licence modifications

Even though it intends to publish the draught bill for a new legal structure by the end of next week, the administration will implement yet another round of amendments that are centred on licencing requirements.

A consultation paper on the requirement for a new legal framework to oversee the nation’s telecom sector was published in July by the department of telecoms. All partners had been asked for their opinions and comments by the DoT. “Telecom legal framework should be of the highest calibre; this will be the fourth significant revision. At a Digital Infrastructure Providers Association event, he stated that they will pursue licence condition reforms.

The rounds of changes, he continued, were carefully planned to provide the industry with the tools it requires to develop while putting the onus on telcos and insisting that they concentrate on raising service quality by three to four notches. The minister further stated that he has given field officials in the telecom department goals, including pulling up the telecoms and determining the quality of service in each village, they ought to dramatically improve the quality of service and It must be reciprocal. On Wednesday, the minister met separately with field officers from all circles.

The minister continued by saying that he will urge the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to publish a consultation document outlining ways to increase service quality by three to four times what it is at the moment.

Vaishnaw continued by saying that, as part of the railway land lease policy, the Prime Minister also approved that every crossing of a railway line by fibre to be taken below the lines will cost just $1,000 and that permission for such a move will be available via the Gati Shakti Sanchar portal, which is plotted to the government’s Gati Shakti portal.