10% of mobile traffic worldwide is produced by Jio

Jio is expanding the reach of True 5G swiftly, and in most locations, a large portion of the planned True-5G network has already been implemented. An official from Jio claimed that at a time when 5G is just getting started, Jio is already creating close to 10% of the world’s mobile traffic.

Jio expects its standalone (SA)-based fifth-generation mobile network, which is based on architecture, to attain national coverage by 2024. In Delhi-NCR, the telco is currently the only provider of 5G services. Several cities, including Mumbai, Kolkata, and Varanasi, among others, now offer Jio’s “True 5G” service. 

Reliance Jio is building three times as many tiny cells per day for its 5G network as competitors do, and it also offers up to 4% less expensive per GB service than other telecoms by using energy-efficient technology.

According to the official they are employing more cells than their rivals in the country. And if you extend this to one, two, or three quarters using your imagination and some simple math, you will see the type of alluring coverage that would enable this network to be completely autonomous, programmable, and available to users.

Jio’s 5G is rapidly spreading across the country. By the end of December 2023, the telco hopes to have 5G available throughout the entire country. In the upcoming days, the conflict between Airtel and Jio will be interesting to observe. The goal of both operators is to deploy 5G more quickly than the competition. Jio uses a combination of in-house developed technologies and radio gear purchased from outside suppliers. In the coming days, Jio also intends to deploy additional local radios in its 5G networks.